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Becca's LARP Games

Fun for all ages, as long as you're fifteen.

Live Action Roleplay - AZ


September 1st, 2006

Here you go. Fun stuff, guys.

For the Complications, most all of them are roleplay choices that you'll include in your background or not, as it does ya.
Italics denote Plot permission necessary. These will be on your character card, though they may not cost you anything. I haven't decided yet.

ComplicationsCollapse )
So since everyone loves to pimp out their character, we're starting with Assets. Here's part one of the skill modification. This post will be under fairly constant construction until I've got everything figured out, so check back often-ish. I'll do another one of Complications tonight probably, and then a Character Building post... at some point in the future. And also to be posted shortly... a brief "How Things Work in a LARP" sort of post.

Regular (well, okay, bold) text - denotes available skills
Strike - denotes skills that are in the book but are not going to be translated to the LARP's skillset. They are included as roleplay suggestions only. They will not cost you build points or be on your character card.
Italics - denotes extra Plot permission necessary to obtain this skill.

AssetsCollapse )

July 29th, 2006

(no subject)

FF - BigDamnHeroes Dancing
Town Name: Lovex
Planet: Lilac (not Lavender, which is only what it's called when I'm tired)
Starting Level: Greenhorn

Come up with three one-sentence character concepts. Comment here with them. Comments will be screened, so feel free to go on about your character's secret ambition to stab your buddies and steal their stuff!

Note! Please only come up with concepts you A) can concievably play and B) would be willing to play.

For example: A trait I couldn't concievably play is Two-Fisted (essentially Ambidextrous) because I am not, in fact, ambidextrious.

Another example: I would be unwilling to do Reaver makeup for an entire gaming session, therefore, I should not play anything resembling a Reaver.

Clear? Hokeedokee.

Final request: Pester Your Friends!

July 18th, 2006


TW - Jack - conman
Thanks to the sudden influx of NERF weapons in the group, I've decided those will be the weapon of choice for the Firefly Larp. Those of you who do not have NERF gunz, pick one or two up. Each gun comes with a backup ammo order sheet. Weapon rules will be posted shortly.

(no subject)

FF - Shiney!
The planet is Lilac. Poised on the very edge of Reaper territory, people know they should live each day as though it were their last. Crime is at a minimum, thanks to the privately owned security company that's been hired to defend the planet. When they ain't got anything better to do, they clean up the riffraff.

The climate is hot, dry. Growing anything is difficult, keeping it alive long enough to become edible is gorram impossible. The only exception is rats and children. People are getting pregnant at the same rate as always in the town of Lovex, but food is scarcer this season. The shipment of ration bars from the nearest Allied base takes over a month to arrive usually, and this time, it's running late.

News travels the same speed as ever, though. Simon and River Tam, fugitives from the Alliance but no one knows why, and the higher ups sure ain't telling. Of course there's been sightings on Lilac. There'd be sightings in a horse's back end, if'n that kind of reward was involved and folks lived there.

There's been whispers in the town that Reavers got the shipment. Those rich enough to have ships and the fuel to fly 'em are getting the heck out of dodge while they can.

Welcome to Lovex. Or what's left of it.

May 24th, 2006


TW - Jack - conman
The first official Panda Larp FAQ day will be held:

May 29, 2006 - Memorial Day - from about 12pm to 5pm

Sign up here. I need to know WHO is interested in showing up, and please bring a few basic character concepts. It might be nice to bring a few bucks to pitch in towards pizza as well.

Feel free to sign up anonymously if you're not a Livejournal user, but please leave your name so I know who to expect.

If I do not have at least five people signed up by Sunday night at 8pm, this Game Day will be cancelled.

Thanks! If anyone's got any questions, go ahead and give me a call, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Offer not valid in Kentucky.

April 13th, 2006

(no subject)

TW - Jack - conman
Poll #709574 Game Genre

So I'm thinking of making this LARP, would anyone like to come?

Absolutely! I want to do it for the roleplay.
Maybe, I kinda like the idea but I don't know the rules.
Not at all, you damn LARPers give gamers a bad name!!!
omgh4x. |_4rp3|25 5uc|<. 0|\||_1|\|3 (_+4|\/|1|\|(_+ p\/\/|\|z0|2z j00 1|\| d4 455.
There is no Gaming. There is only Powergaming.

If there were to be a L.A.R.P. done here in AZ, what genre would people want to see? Pick as many as you want.

Post Apocolyptic
Current Events
Something completely different!

If you answered "Something Completely Different," please fill in what you'd like.

Pick a combat style.

Index Cards and Dice - Weapon stats are written on the card and the card is carried in place of a Weapon phys-rep. During combat, Dice are rolled.
Rock Paper Scissors - It's actually a bit more legitimate than it sounds, and it speeds up the combat.
Boffers - Foam padded swords/lightsabers/Bowie knives, small beanbags to represent spells or thrown items, nerf guns, etc
Something completely different?

If you answered "Something Completely Different, please fill in what you're looking for.

April 4th, 2006

(no subject)

TW - Jack - conman
Welcome to panda_larp. I hope you enjoy your stay.

There shall be geekery soon, as soon as I direct more people here. And POLLS! Because polls are the best. *glee*

It's not a shiney poll with buttons, but here's one anyway, to be voted upon by anyone who's interested.

"As an interested party, I shall express my opinion diplomatically - the Genre of the first LARP shall be":

(2)Vampire: The Masquerade
(3)Werewolf: Apocolypse
(4)Classic Fantasy - Dungeons and Dragons

VOTE NOW! Or die like the scum you are. ( /emptythreat )
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