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The planet is Lilac. Poised on the very edge of Reaper territory,…

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FF - Shiney!
The planet is Lilac. Poised on the very edge of Reaper territory, people know they should live each day as though it were their last. Crime is at a minimum, thanks to the privately owned security company that's been hired to defend the planet. When they ain't got anything better to do, they clean up the riffraff.

The climate is hot, dry. Growing anything is difficult, keeping it alive long enough to become edible is gorram impossible. The only exception is rats and children. People are getting pregnant at the same rate as always in the town of Lovex, but food is scarcer this season. The shipment of ration bars from the nearest Allied base takes over a month to arrive usually, and this time, it's running late.

News travels the same speed as ever, though. Simon and River Tam, fugitives from the Alliance but no one knows why, and the higher ups sure ain't telling. Of course there's been sightings on Lilac. There'd be sightings in a horse's back end, if'n that kind of reward was involved and folks lived there.

There's been whispers in the town that Reavers got the shipment. Those rich enough to have ships and the fuel to fly 'em are getting the heck out of dodge while they can.

Welcome to Lovex. Or what's left of it.
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