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Assets are love!

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Assets are love!

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FF - Naked!Mal
So since everyone loves to pimp out their character, we're starting with Assets. Here's part one of the skill modification. This post will be under fairly constant construction until I've got everything figured out, so check back often-ish. I'll do another one of Complications tonight probably, and then a Character Building post... at some point in the future. And also to be posted shortly... a brief "How Things Work in a LARP" sort of post.

Regular (well, okay, bold) text - denotes available skills
Strike - denotes skills that are in the book but are not going to be translated to the LARP's skillset. They are included as roleplay suggestions only. They will not cost you build points or be on your character card.
Italics - denotes extra Plot permission necessary to obtain this skill.

Born Behind the Wheel
Cortex Specter
Fightin' Type
Friends in High Places
Friends in Low Places
Good Name
Healthy as a Horse
Heavy Tolerance

Intimidatin' Manner

Lightnin' Reflexes
Math Whiz
Mean Left Hook
Mechanical Empathy
Military Rank
Moneyed Individual
Natural Linguist
Nature Lover
Nose for Trouble

Registered Companion

Sharp Sense
Steady Calm
Sweet and Cheerful

Things go Smooth
Total Recall
Tough as Nails
Trustworthy Gut
Walking Timepiece

Wears a Badge
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